What I expect from Darryl Rose Fitness Online Training Clients

You will get access to Exclusive Clips of all Exercises in your program.

Form is critical to your success and your well being, if in doubt, send a clip of you performing the exercise via email and you will get feedback on how to properly perform the movement in question.

For optimal results you will need to train anywhere from 4-8 times per week (6 and 7 days for advanced trainees). 3-4 workouts per week will be weight-training days and depending on your goals you could train up to 2 times per day and/or up to 8 weight training workouts per week.

Each workout could be 40-60 minutes in duration.

For maximal results you will perform 1-2 cardio sessions per week that can be Sprints and/or Strongman training depending on your goals and available equipment.

Follow the Training, Nutrition and Supplement Program 80% of the time and you will get optimal results. Follow it exactly and you’ll achieve fantastic results.

Programs only work if you follow them.

*Payable via Paypal. Bi-weekly and Monthly payment plans available.

What does each phase of Darryl Rose Fitness Online Training include

Individualized Training Program tailored towards your Goals. Workouts adjusted based on available equipment.

Nutrition Cheat Sheet to help you achieve optimal body composition. Five simple and easy to follow habits.

Supplement recommendations to achieve optimal body composition. If you’re located in North America I will suggest supplements from one of my trusted affiliates, which can be ordered online and will be shipped directly to you.

If you’re located outside North America I’ll send you links for any of the supplements in your program and you may order them online.

Unlimited text support (depending on package) regarding the execution of the programs (allow 24-48 hours for response)